Co-Creative AI

In this project, I was the user experience lead and project lead. The Drawing Apprentice is an early co-creative drawing partner that can collaborate with users in real time on a shared canvas. It analyzes the user's lines and generates its own responses based on the user's input and previous feedback. It uses a combination of machine learning algorithms to recognize the user's sketched object, as well as their positive and negative feedback through time. The system is meant to engage users in a creative dialogue to help inspire new ideas, creatively engage the user, and emphasize the creative process over product (lowering the barrier of entry for novices). The Drawing Apprentice serves as an experimental platform to explore the technical approaches and interaction designs that help facilitate co-creation. It helps answers questions about what it means to collaborate with a creative computer and how people ideally imagine co-creation with a computer. See to learn more.

An after school program for students to engage in authentic technology based learning in a playful, fun, and scholastic environment. The program offers advanced UX research, design, development, and entrepreneurial training for students and community members of all ages. It is a startup incubator for the younger generation of students and community resource center for those interested in learning more about science, technology, engineerinng, interactive arts, and math (STEAM). The students can engage with interactive art applications, and learn how to recreate the museum exhibits and create interactive artworks of their own. The concept works for both popup local exhibits or a brick and mortor location with more permanent exhibits. See to learn more.

A project dedicated to compiling and presenting co-creative AI research, computational approaches and techniques, and evaluation procedures. The site features a co-creative AI publication list of over 100 linked papers and several co-creative AI projects. See to learn more.

An effort to bring together leaders in the field of co-creative AI to work on innovative new projects in the space of co-creative AI, interactive art, computational creativity, and creative technologies. See to learn more.

Co-Creative AI Book

A computational cognitive theory for developing and evaluating co-creative artificial intelligence agents. This single author book draft includes a new theory of cognition, consciousness, language, creativity, co-creativity, and human-centered machine learning approaches. I am currently looking for collaborators to help finish and publish the book with. See to learn more.

Helped project leads Mikhail Jacob and Duri Long analyze and evaluate the user experience and interaction design of the co-creative dance agent and LuminAI dome exhibit. This project enables users to dance with virtual agents that respond to the user's dance moves in real time. This project explores interactive machine learning and performance based co-creative systems.

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