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Membership has its benefits! The Members Only Resource Library is filled with information to support construction company owners, general contractors and builders. Information such as white papers, excel spreadsheets, checklist and more are provided to NHEO community members. Members can find information on how to execute a new project management or even the steps to a successful acquisition! In addition, you will find legal, financial and operational resources that will assist you. If for any reason don't find what your looking for, complete the request form and we will gladly find the information and provide that to you in a timely manner. Membership in NHEO truly has its benefits! Join now and gain access!

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Membership Categories

  • NHEO Affiliate is an existing local or statewide education advocacy group that shares our overall goals and wants to join in to promote the mission and goals of NHEO in your area.
  • NHEO Chapter is a new organization you start to promote the mission and goals of NHEO in your area. Chapters are usually named “NHEO”city” or NHEO “state” (i.e. NHEO Florida
  • NHEO Entrepreneur (without a chapter or affiliation) this member may not have a chapter or affiliate in its location. Until there are enough members to constitute a chapter being formed, individual membership will prevail in the NHEO Global Community.
  • Supplier membership (Non-Hispanic) include various classes of firms, corporations and/or firms who are engaged in services, or which provide materials or equipment, or which are otherwise integral, vital and necessary to the construction industry.
  • Student or Professional
  • Mentor