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Library is available to members and contains books and magazines related to model engineering. Includes resource material for: metals, plastics, tooling, lathes, milling machines, soldering, welding, steam. theory of engines, programming. model marine engines, salboats, model railroads, sterling engines. drafting , home workshop, electronics, radio control, casting and pattern making.

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To better track books:

  • A borrower will sign a sheet listing the book(s) they have and indicating that the loan is for 3 months maximum. Once all the books are returned the librarian will give back the sheet which should be saved as proof of return.

  • PLEASE - Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should another member accept book returns on the librarian's behalf. He needs to return the signed sheet. If the librarian is not at a meeting books must be returned at a later meeting.

Note: There are gaps in the book numbering - Also multiple copies are not always grouped together so check the whole list