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  3. If there is any copying of this site the site created will be taken down and might have a fine on owner's expense; min fine $1; max fine $27;
  4. Any inappropriate response for "Question, Problem" will be reported; reporting will be based off of school rules, if the person/group do not go to school there will be a $5 fine;
  5. Any user who clicks "Report Site" falsely will be punished at googles expense; if site gets reported by user with no strong/real reason and gets taken down the school will decide the punishment and a fine: min fine $2: max fine $50: fine will be chosen by owner;
  6. If site is able to be edited without permission and the user reports/contacts us they will be rewarded $5; if user does not report/contact and changes site there will be a fine; min fine $1; max fine $20;
  7. Any other items that are not meant for a user to use. The user will be punished; punishment could be any punishments options above;
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