Tim and Susanna Gretschmann

Currently serving in the city of Florencio Sanchez, Uruguay, working in discipleship, evangelism, teaching and preaching ministries. Tim is originally from Wisconsin and Susanna grew up in Uruguay. They have trained and served as missionaries in a variety of countries including: Mexico, England, Brazil, Spain, and the United States.

Edward & Hia Kim

Edward and Hia are working among Jewish people in Germany, and also among refugees from Iran, Syria, Afganistan, and the Kurdish in Berlin.

Theo & Bri Macombe

Theo & Bri Macombe are serving in Rwanda, Africa. Theo is a survivor of the 1994 genocide there. He and Bri met while serving with Youth With A Mission. They now have 4 children and desire to see Rwanda healed and transformed by the light of God.

Don and Glenda Moon

From Iowa and Missouri respectively. Based in Cordoba, Argentina, they work with a network of people and churches in Latin America to train them to work with some of the least reached people groups across the world. They specifically focus on work with Latin American Missionary Candidates preparing to serve cross-culturally.

Jim & Mary Neuman

Jim & Mary Newman are currently with Missionary Maintenance Services. After serving in Bolivia for many years, they have connected with this organization to serve missionaries through aircraft maintenance.

Nathan & Amy Schmidt

Nathan and Amy Schmidt serve with World Gospel Mission in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Nathan serves as Mission Field Director for Bolivia, representing missions before the Bolivian government. Together they work closely with other missionaries and the church in Santa Cruz to see the gospel spread and disciples made.

Jeff & Shauna Spence

Jeff & Shauna Spence serve in Taiwan. After a number of years serving in Mongolia, Jeff has become the Regional Strategy Coordinator for North Asia.

Tim & Ruth Stuck

Tim & Ruth Stuck serve in Uruguay, South America. They work closely with another missionary couple in a neighborhood with the fewest Christians per capita in South America. They work to show friends and neighbors what it means to follow Christ.

Brad & Kristy Weinert

Brad and Kristy Weinert are missionaries serving university student ministries in Argentina. Kristy is from here in the Bedford community.

Larry & Ou Yarger

Larry & Ou Yarger have served long-term in seven nations on three continents. Larry is from Kalamazoo, MI and works as an agricultural missionary. With many countries restricting traditional ways of sharing the Gospel, Larry is able to use his agricultural programs in conjunction with spiritual outreach.