A better approach to transitional housing for those in need. 

Dedicated to helping individuals in transition who need temporary safe and secure housing. We help people that want to help themselves get a fresh start. Through the healing power of reliable housing in a good neighborhood, we are helping people reclaim their lives one day at a time. 

OUR MISSION: ... is to provide superior transitional and recovery housing to individuals that desire a fresh start, in a healthy, safe and secure home environment. 

Living in our shared home you will become a member of our community. You join with other resident members to help in the process of re-establishing your life, relationships and finances. 


We serve people in transition and recovery, including:

• Veterans in recovery

• Drug and alcohol recovery

• Trauma and domestic abuse victims

• Parole and work release individuals

• Women in crisis pregnancy

• Emergency housing needs

Cobblestone Park across the street

Features of our transitional housing


We seek to regain a sense of pride, responsibility, teamwork, community, and personal growth.

Our core values are: Honesty, Mutual respect, Harmony, Tranquility, Integrity, Excellence, and achieving personal Goals.

We partner with agencies and organizations who support our values and objectives.

Providing exceptional housing, safe, and secure home environment Conveniently located walking distance from grocery and retail stores, RTD, banks, restaurants, recreation centers and parks.

Everyone deserves a second chance to regain their freedom and independence.

Substance free, Abuse free, Trauma free. A healthy supportive community.

We support Medically Assisted Treatments for addiction.

Please contact us for more information: 720-744-0888


Supporting the values and policies of SHARED HOUSING SOLUTIONS and Colorado affiliate of NARR pending.