Welcome to New Beginnings 

House of God!

A church committed to restoring and enhancing 

your relationship with God.

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New Beginnings House of God is a church "committed to restoring and enhancing your relationship with God." The word of God is the foundation of what we believe, and we are dedicated to teaching God's word.

We are a church concerned about your relationship with God. Through the word, we can help you establish or restore a relationship with God, or we can help strengthen the relationship you already have with Him.

All souls are important to God and your soul is important to us. If you need a new beginning or if you are looking to enhance your relationship with God, come worship and learn more about God with us. 

Everyone is welcome!

Service & Event Times:

Prayer Service:

Wednesdays at 7PM

Weekly Worship Service:

Saturdays at 2:30PM

Food Giveaway:

Mondays at 11AM

Beacon Light Outreach to the Homeless:

Every 2nd Friday at 7PM