How Funding is Used

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NANT Funding Supports:


Specific NANT Trials:

Funding may be used to support the development or conduct of a specific therapeutic trial, or its associated laboratory research.


NANT Operations Center:

The Operations Center provides the infrastructure that is essential for the development, conduct, and analysis of data results for all NANT trials.  The Operations Center is also responsible for meeting patient safety and other regulatory requirements. All study data is maintained centrally at the Operations Center.  Funding to support the Operations Center is essential for all of our trials to make them possible.


Correlative Biology Studies:

Each NANT therapy trial includes obtaining blood, bone marrow, and or tumor samples that are provided to collaborating NANT lab investigators for studies to confirm the proposed mechanism of a new treatment, understand possible reasons for treatment failures, and guide development of successor trials.  Funding is used for the collection, processing, and shipping of these patient specimens. Some examples of correlative studies include levels of drugs in the blood, detection of minimal amounts of tumor in blood, genetic testing, and effects of drugs on the patient’s immune system and the tumor microenvironment.


Patient enrollment at NANT member sites: 

Each NANT site has a lead physician (Principal Investigator) that is a leader in childhood cancer research and is recognized for their expertise in neuroblastoma. They have overall responsibility for the conduct of NANT studies at their institutions and also participate in developing the overall strategies of the NANT consortium.  NANT trials also require a clinical research team at each site that is critical to assist the Principal Investigator to conduct and closely monitor each NANT trial, and ensure patient education and safety during NANT trial participation.  This funding is provided to a NANT member site for each patient enrolled on a NANT trial.

"NANT's focus on advancing new treatment options for the most vulnerable neuroblastoma patients give hope to families who desperately need it." -- NANT Parent.