Get ready for the award-winning and probably most innovative way to practice math in the world.

Its speech based training enables an exceptionally intuitive and motivating learning experience and advanced algorithms adapt the problems specifically to you - and the better you get the harder they will become. The exercises are based on cutting-edge research and with its state of the art design the app looks phenomenal. It has successfully competed in various competitions including the German national science fair called "Jugend forscht", the German business plan competitions "Startup Teens" and "Jugend gründet". It has also won the future 2020 competition and was awarded "App of the Week" by So download the app now and get ready to be amazed - but remember to also answer the math problems!

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What is MatheX?

In the first years, elementary school teaches the knowledge and skills that are fundamental for further educational and professional careers. This is especially true for mathematics instruction. If concepts are not fully understood, this can lead to major problems in the following school years as well as in further life. Yet, there are few contemporary options for training these basic math skills.

MatheX is an app for App iOS and Android, with which the basic mathematical skills can be optimally trained.

The training is based on speech input and speech synthesis. The smartphone reads out the task and the student only has to say the result. This is recognized and checked. This is followed by an evaluation, also voice-based, with correction of the incorrect answer if necessary.

The interaction is thus completely natural and intuitive. Direct feedback also maximizes the training effect, as the student is immediately corrected if he makes a mistake and can thus adapt and improve his answers in the future. The training modules cover all the basic mathematical skills and are based on the scientifically proven arithmetic tests, from which the number ranges to be tested were also derived.

The use of new and innovative technologies thus enables the most effective and appealing training possible. Of absolutely crucial importance here is the fact that every student has his or her own specific strengths and weaknesses, and it is essential to take these into account when selecting the focus of the exercises.

Lack of individualization is one of the biggest drawbacks and criticisms of the current educational system. However, personalization of subject areas and types of tasks is crucial especially in the learning of basic mathematical skills, and the lack of it can be the cause of major problems of elementary school students in this area, which, as described above, can have a very negative impact on their future.

Therefore, complete individualization of learning content is one of the fundamental features of MatheX. But how can this be achieved? In order to provide an outstanding user experience and maximize training success, automatic customization of task types and their difficulty level is necessary. At best, the student, their parents or teachers should never have to think about the training and yet the learning effect should be maximized.

MatheX calculates the student's performance level, as well as individual strengths and weaknesses, based on the results of past training sessions and adjusts the training accordingly. This not only significantly increases the efficiency of the training, but also makes it much easier to use, which is especially important for the app's relatively young target group, who may have little experience with using smartphones.

MatheX also allows users to practice and train math completely independently from home, which has become more important and in demand than ever, especially nowadays, in times of the Corona pandemic.

All in all, MatheX offers a simple, motivating, fully individualized and optimally efficient new way to practice basic math skills in the best possible way.

In addition, there is a teacher app with which the teacher can view the learning progress of his students and even assign homework. This means that the teacher no longer has to collect and laboriously check the homework of his students and still receives a more detailed and comprehensive overview of the performance level of his students than would have been possible before. In meaningful overviews, the teacher can see which students he should support again and where, and where the strengths and weaknesses of his class lie, in order to be able to teach them even better.

Thus, MatheX is the ideal way for both private users and educational institutions to practice basic mathematical skills.

However, MatheX is no longer just an idea, a concept or a prototype. In over 350 hours of development work, I have already fully developed and published the app. It is available on both iOS and Android in the Apple App and Google Play Store respectively and already has over 2500 downloads there as well as numerous positive reviews.

MatheX was finalist at Bestform 2021 and Startup Cup 2021 and was named "App of the Week" by Last but not least, the project was also awarded the national prize at the national competition Jugend gründet out of a total of over 3,700 participants.

The story behind the app

The year is 2017. In February, I - Stefan Neuber - had completed my first participation in Germany's national science competition. I decided to compete again next year: With a vocabulary trainer using the modern technologies of speech input and speech synthesis.

I had underestimated the amount of time it would take. But after teaching myself to program and tinkering with the app for over 200 hours, it was finally ready. The "by-product" was a primitive vocabulary trainer app; a sort of precursor to MatheX. With the vocabulary trainer, I was able to win the regional and state competition of "Schüler experimentieren", and the following year I was allowed to represent Saxony-Anhalt with another app at the national competition of "Jugend forscht".

This year - 2019 - I happened to come into contact with an employee of the State Institute for School Quality in Saxony-Anhalt, who liked my math app and thought that one would need something like it occasionally to train the mathematical basics. As a result, I looked into the didactic and scientific side of basic math education and realized that it only takes a few skills to understand more complex concepts and develop a feeling for numbers.

I set it as a goal to develop an app for optimal training of basic math skills as part of another Jugend forscht project. Over the next six months, I used every free minute, including vacations, to develop MatheX. And then, just in time for New Year's Day 2020, I FINALLY had it done. The very next day, I managed to publish a first stable version in the Google Play Store. While it was still a bit more compact and simpler in design than it is now, it worked the way I wanted it to. Yeah.

During the winter vacations, I used every moment I wasn't on the ski slopes to further develop MatheX and programmed the Lehrer:innen app. With this state of development I was able to win the regional competition of Jugend forscht again, the state competition was unfortunately cancelled. Because all German schools were closed during this time, the download numbers of MatheX increased by 3,000%. Shortly after that I also won the Saxony-Anhalt-wide business competition "futurego" out of more than 200 teams.

But even after that I didn't rest on my laurels, but added more and more features. I improved the teacher:inside app, introduced different difficulties and programmed the algorithm for individual training. I also published MatheX in the App Store. And this is far from the end....

MatheX already has over 1000 users and a rating of 4.5 stars in the Google Play Store.

Honers and Award

  • 1st place "Jugend gründed" - one of Germany's most prestigious business competitions for young talent 2021

  • 1st place at the state level of Germany's national science competition 2021

  • 1st place "futurego Saxony-Anhalt" 2020

  • "App of the Week" by am 26.06.2020

  • 2nd place STARTUP TEENS 2021

  • 2nd place IQ Innovation Contest Central Germany

  • 3rd place STARTUP TEENS 2020

  • 3rd place Startup Cup 2021

  • Nominated for Bestform 2021