Alchemy Lab Exit Point


You have reached the end.

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Alchemists in the Lab: Niall Barr, Todd Conaway, Charlene Doland, Sheri Edwards, Simon Ensor, Roj Ferman, Terry Greene, Kelli Hayes, Kevin Hodgson, Sarah Honeychurch, John Johnston, Alan Levine, Keegan Long-Wheeler, Algot Runeman, Ron Samul, Wendy Taleo, Clare Thomson, Susan Watson and Lauren Zucker.

Thank you for reading, or watching, and for participating in the experience.

Like any good story, the end is an opportunity to wonder what would have happened if…

Or maybe be inspired by an idea, or a character?

What has this experience meant to you? How has it changed you? Perhaps you may tell your own story about the alchemy lab, or your experiences in it? It could be in words, or images, or gifs, or song. Stories come in so many forms!

You could collaborate with others to write a story as we have done here. (Or you could color a page from part of the lab -- scene one, scene two, or scene three -- and upload that as your artwork. -- special thanks to Susan Watson for the original art.)

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