About The Author

Sharon Mohr-McDermott began her career writing feature articles for local magazines in southern California, before becoming a technical writer serving the construction trade and auto industry for more than 15 years.

After moving to Texas, she became a newspaper reporter, and in Spring 2000 she rescued Neptune.

Upon completing Neptune The Special Cat in 2010, Mohr-McDermott began a Facebook Page for Neptune, so that friends, neighbors and young readers could keep up with Neptune’s adventures, after reading the book.

You can find Neptune’s facebook page by logging onto facebook.com/Neptune The Special Cat. Neptune’s Facebook page picks up right where this book left off. Young readers are sure to enjoy the many photos Neptune posts weekly, and are encouraged to communicate with Neptune, who answers their questions, and replies to their comments online.

Sharon relocated back to Crestline, California in 2014, bringing Neptune, Dodger, and Mr. Moo with her. While living in the mountains, she also adopted Sylvester. Neptune lived out a happy cat life, passing away in early 2016 at 16 human years of age. Around the same time, Sharon had the first of two hospitalizations due to advanced COPD, passing away on November 2, 2016 at the age of 57 while in home hospice.

Sharon's son Steve, whom designed the layout of the book, keeps Neptune's facebook page up to date amongst his busy life back in Texas, with the helpful paws of Bowzer. A limited set of personalized books are still available for private purchase.