Neutron and Muons:

from Science to Society

Dear colleagues,

NeMPo (Neutron and Muon Users in Portugal, is a group of portuguese researchers, founded in 2018, that regularly use neutron and/or muon techniques, comprising members from the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biophysics/Biochemistry, Archaeometry and Engineering.

- The NeMPo Group aims at organizing periodic Workshops, up to 3 - 4 per year, with the duration of one afternoon – Neutron and Muons: from Science to Society.

Building on previous meetings, these workshops will contribute to foster scientific cooperation and spread of knowledge within the NeMPo area of research, as well as to sustain a fruitful contact among members.

- Each workshop will be dedicated to a specific subject, and will comprise up to 5 communications by national and international experts, upon invitation by the organising committee – two 40 min lectures (by senior researchers) and up to three 20 min talks, both followed by a short discussion period (the lectures may be made available online, should the authors give their permission).

- Special emphasis will be given to applications of neutron and muon techniques in diverse areas – such as Physics, Nuclear Technology, Radiation Protection, Materials, Environment, Biology, Medicine or Archaeometry. This will ensure the interest of colleagues outside NeMPo, which are welcome to participate in these events.

- Participation of junior researchers, namely MSc and PhD students as well as undergraduate students, will be encouraged.

- Outreach and dissemination amongst non-experts and non-educated audiences will be sought.

The program of the Workshops, as well as the abstracts of the lectures, will be available online, at the NeMPo webpage ( After each Workshop, the lectures may be made available online (should the authors give their permission).

The second Neutron and Muons: from Science to Society workshop is proposed to take place on the 20th January 2023 (14.30-18 h, GMT), as an online (Zoom) event (link).

We urge you to participate, and to bring a friend!

We´d also request suggestions of invited speakers for this meeting – both for short and longer oral communications.

The organizing Committee:

Joaquim Agostinho Moreira (Univ. Porto)

Maria Paula Marques (Univ. Coimbra)

Pedro Vaz (Inst. Sup. Técnico/Lisboa)

Rui Vilarinho (Univ. Porto)