NELA Emmaus Board

Class of 2021

Ex-Officio/Chair-Transportation: Danny Peel

Community Lay Director: Becky Rath

Community Spiritual Director: Kelly Coleman

Chair-Kitchen/Groceries/Trailer, Co-Chair-T-Shirts and Name Tags, & Co-Chair-Sponsor's Hour: Melinda Brown

Chair-Team Selection (Men): Brandon Moore

Chair-Facility Set-Up & Take-Down and Chair-Reunion Groups: Thomas Patton

Chair-Outreach, Literature, & Supplies: Renee Taylor

Clergy: Eddie Rushing

Jim Buskirk

Class of 2022

Clergy/Chair-Gathering Locations: Blain Markham

Treasurer/Chair-Fourth Day Speakers: Daniel Wallace

Secretary/Chair-Team Selection (Women): Amy Ryder

Chair-Music for Gatherings/Candlelight: Robin Layton

Chair-Sponsor's Hour: Shane Bonner

Lisa Lowery

Class of 2023

Assistant Community Lay Director and Chair-Communion: Ricky Houck

Clergy: Johnny Smith

Co-Chair-Team Selection (Women): Shana Simms

Co-Chair-Team Selection (Men): Mervyn Trull

Chair-Communications/Website: Christina Griffin

Dustin Hancock