Time To Beat The Deep State With George Webb's Deep State Playbook

TruthLeaks investigative journalist, George Webb, facilitated the creation of Neighborhood News Hour to combat the MSM by providing a platform for citizen journalists to connect to an online community of patriots on the ground level. George believes that the truth needs citizen journalism to defy the establishment quo and Neighborhood News Hour creates an open atmosphere free of oppression for those individuals that have been submitted into silence.

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Defend youtube journalists

Want to stop YouTube from de-platforming conservative voices? Want to stop YouTube from taking money earned by citizen journalists by arbitrary account terminations. Neighborhood News Hour and Teach on the Beach offers free training for citizen journalists all over the world, and we have been continually harassed and de-platformed by YouTube.

More information about Teach On the Beach International: Teach On The Beach International Works To End The Cycle Of Poverty By Providing Supplemental Education Opportunities In Underserved Beach Communities.

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