SIGDIAL 2017 Papers

  • Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis, Chloé Clavel and Frédéric Landragin. Automatic measures to characterise verbal alignment in human-agent interaction.

SEMDIAL 2017 Papers

  • Carrara Nicolas, Romain Laroche and Olivier Pietquin. Online learning and transfer for user adaptation in dialogue systems.
  • Amita Misra, Shubhangi Tandon, Sharath Ts, Pranav Anand and Marilyn Walker. Summarizing dialogic arguments from social media.

Position Papers

  • Beth Ann Hockey and Christine Doran. Heated discussion: A proposal for eliciting negotiation data with realistic emotional investment. (pdf)
  • Romain Laroche. The complex negotiation dialogue game. (arXiv)
  • Elena Musi, Debanjan Ghosh, Mark Aakhus, Smaranda Muresan and Nina Wacholder. Building an ontology of (dis)agreement space for argument mining. (pdf)
  • Volha Petukhova, Andrei Malchanau, Youssef Oualil, Dietrich Klakow, Christopher Stevens, Harmen de Weerd and Niels Taatgen. Metalogue multi-issue bargaining corpus. (pdf)