SIGDIAL/SEMDIAL 2017 Joint Session on Negotiation Dialog

Negotiation Dialogs

Negotiation dialogs show one or more of the following characteristics that makes them distinct from traditional dialogs:

  • Exchange of ideas/opinions in response to a topic(s);
  • Present or withhold information that may potentially lead to speaker’s task success;
  • Convince the interlocutor to achieve common ground; alternatively perpetual disagreement;
  • Show positive or negative attitudes towards audience during the exchange e.g., flamewars, snarky comments, insults, witty remarks at the other’s expense;
  • Deliberate digression from the topic or obfuscation of one’s own or other’s proposals, claims or arguments. Recent work in this area includes models of several distinct types of dialog, from experimentally collected task-oriented dialogs where the participants must come to an agreement about how to distribute resources, or what is an appropriate plan, to work on social media dialogs identifying various aspects of the argument structure, work on understanding the main points of the discussion, and argument mining. Some of the available related corpora and resources are listed below.


  • Amanda Stent, Bloomberg LP
  • Aasish Pappu, Yahoo Inc
  • Diane Litman, University of Pittsburgh
  • Marilyn Walker, University of California Santa Cruz