I am Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Richmond. My research and teaching interests include behavioral economics, experimental economics, gender economics, and labor economics. 

In my research I seek to understand the role of behavioral biases in determining market outcomes and how these biases can affect the efficacy of public policy. I am particularly interested in exploring the influence of gender stereotypes on labor market outcomes for women. Another line of my work contributes to experimental economics methods and more specifically towards the expanding platforms for experimental research. Much of my current work requires the use of lab and online experiments as well as theoretical and causal inference tools.

Prior to joining Richmond, I completed my doctorate in behavioral and labor economics from University of Pittsburgh. I also hold masters degrees from University of Pittsburgh and Delhi School of Economics at University of Delhi. 

Contact Information:

348 Robins School of Business, 102 UR Drive, Richmond VA 23173

Email: neeraja.gupta@richmond.edu

Phone: +1(804)289-8562