New Celio Electronics GmbH

We measure the environment

New Celio Electronics GmbH (NECEEL) was founded in 1998. Spin off from Celio Engineering SA, NECEEL is basically an engineering office for electronics, opto-electronics and electro-optics oriented to metrology systems and sensor conception. The main activities relate to development, engineering and manufacturing of automatic remote data acquisition systems in both environmental early monitoring systems and industrial fields.

NECEEL applies innovative technologies to monitor events related to natural hazards (i.e. landslides, rock movements, debris flows, rock falls, water quality, water flows, air quality) and related to man-made structures (i.e. dam stability, bridge and tunnel safety).

With the experience accumulated over several years, NECEEL offers his precious know-how in sensor conception especially in the electronics and

electro-optics side to third firms as consultants developing costumer tailored solutions.



Ultra sound sensor

We are testing an alternative method for measuring the distance between two points.

Through an ultra sound system we will eliminate the current method using a string extensometer


Biborgo extensometer repair

Towards the end of June, we noticed that the Biborgo extensometer was recording peaks. We intervened immediately to replace the defective component


Ritom plant

Disassembly and overhaul

During the month of June, we dismantled the snow-weather system for general maintenance before the new winter period


The end of 2G network

At the end of 2020, the 2g network will be abandoned throughout the Swiss territory.

We are working to update all 2G-based communication systems and migrate to the 4G standard



In this period of humanitarian crisis, to avoid contact and therefore to avoid the spread of the virus, we have adopted smart work

All New Celio Electronics employees are working from home