2017 NDHSAA Volleyball Championships XXXV




State Qualifiers

Class A Qualifiers

EDC Champion: West Fargo High "Packers"

EDC Runners Up: Valley City "Hi-Liners"

EDC Third Place: Fargo Davies "Eagles"

EDC Fourth Place: Devils Lake "Firebirds"

WDA Champion: Bismarck Century "Patriots"

WDA Runners Up: Jamestown "Blue Jays"

WDA Third Place: Bismarck High "Demons"

WDA Fourth Place: Mandan "Braves"

Class B Qualifiers

Region 1 Champion: Central Cass "Squirrels"

Region 2 Champion: Thompson "Tommies"

Region 3 Champion: LaMoure-Litchville-Marion "Loboes"

Region 4 Champion: Langdon-Munich-Edmore "Cardinals"

Region 5 Champion: Bismarck Shiloh Christian "Skyhawks"

Region 6 Champion: Minot Our Redeemer's "Knights"

Region 7 Champion: Dickinson Trinity "Titans"

Region 8 Champion: Watford City "Wolves"

Thursday, November 16, 2017--Quarterfinals

A Court-Class 'A' Tournament

Quarter #1-Match A1: Mandan 3, West Fargo High 2

Quarter #2-Match A2: Jamestown 3, Fargo Davies 0

Quarter #3-Match A3: W1-Bismarck Century 3, Devils Lake 0

Quarter #4-Match A4: E2-Valley City 3, Bismarck High 0

B Court-Class 'B' Tournament

Quarter #1-Match B1: #2-Langdon Area-Ed.-Munich 3, Watford City 0

Quarter #2-Match B2: #3-Thompson 3, Bismarck Shiloh Christian 0

Quarter #3-Match B3: #1-LaMoure-Litch.-Marion 3, Central Cass 0

Quarter #4-Match B4: #4-Minot Our Redeemers 3, #5-Dickinson Trinity 0

Friday, November 17, 2017--Consolation & Championship Semifinals

A Court-Class 'A' Tournament

Cons. Semi #1-Match A5: West Fargo High 3, Fargo Davies 0

Cons. Semi #2-Match A6: Bismarck High 3, Devils Lake 2

Champ. Semi #1-Match A7: Jamestown 3, Mandan 2

Champ. Semi #2-Match A8: Bismarck Century 3, Valley City 1

B Court-Class 'B' Tournament

Cons. Semi #1-Match B5: Watford City 3, Bismarck Shiloh Christian 0

Cons. Semi #2-Match B6: Central Cass 3, Dickinson Trinity 1

Champ. Semi #1-Match B7: Thompson 3, Langdon Area-Ed.-Munich 2

Champ. Semi #2-Match B8: LaMoure-Litch.-Marion 3, Mnt. Our Redeemers 1

Saturday, November 18, 2017--Placing Matches

A Court-Class 'A' Tournament

Third Place-Match A11: Mandan 3, Valley City 2

Fifth Place-Match A10: West Fargo High 3, Bismarck High 0

Seventh Place-Match A9: Fargo Davies 3, Devils Lake 0

B Court-Class 'B' Tournament

Third Place-Match B11: Langdon Area-Ed.-Munich 3, Mnt. Our Redeemers 1

Fifth Place-Match B10: Central Cass 3, Watford City 1

Seventh Place-Match B9: Dickinson Trinity 3, Bismarck Shiloh Christian 0

B Court-State Championship Matches

Class 'A' State Championship-Match A12: Bismarck Century 3, Jamestown 2

Class 'B' State Championship-Match B12: LaMoure-Litchville-Marion 3, Thompson 0

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