NDHSAA Super A Boys' & Girls' State Basketball Championships 2022-23






Congratulations to the State Qualifiers


EDC Top Seed: Fargo Davies "Eagles"

EDC Second Seed: Fargo North "Spartans"

EDC Third Seed: Grand Forks Red River "Roughriders"

EDC Fourth Seed:  Shanley "Deacons"

WDA Top Seed: Bismarck Century "Patriots"

WDA Second Seed: Minot High "Magicians"

WDA Third Seed: Bismarck Legacy "Sabers"

WDA Fourth Seed: Jamestown "Blue Jays"


EDC Top Seed: West Fargo Sheyenne "Mustangs"

EDC Second Seed: West Fargo High "Packers"

EDC Third Seed: Fargo Davies "Eagles"

EDC Fourth Seed: Grand Forks Red River "Roughriders"

WDA Top Seed: Minot High "Majettes"

WDA Second Seed: Bismarck Century "Patriots"

WDA Third Seed:  Bismarck High "Demons"

WDA Fourth Seed: Bismarck Legacy "Sabers"

Thursday, March 9, 2023--Quarterfinals

Boys' Tournament-Fargodome

2 pm: Quarterfinal #1-Game B1: Fargo Davies 64, Jamestown 46

4 pm: Quarterfinal #2-Game B2: GF Red River 81, Minot High 80

6 pm: Quarterfinal #3-Game B3: Bis. Century 77, Shanley 45

8 pm: Quarterfinal #4-Game B4: Fargo North 82, Bis. Legacy 80

Girls' Tournament-Scheels Center at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex

1 pm: Quarterfinal #1-Game G1: WF Sheyenne 70, Bis. Legacy 57

3 pm: Quarterfinal #2-Game G2: Bis. Century 69, Fargo Davies 64

5 pm: Quarterfinal #3-Game G3: GF Red River 50, Minot High 43

7 pm: Quarterfinal #4-Game G4: WF High 65, Bismarck High 59

Friday, March 10, 2023--Consolation & Championship Semifinals

Championship Semifinal Games-Girls' & Boys' Tourney-Scheels Center at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex (SHAC)

1:00 p.m.: Girls' Champ. Semi #1-Game G7: Bis. Century 65, WF Sheyenne 47 

3:00 p.m.: Girls' Champ. Semi #2-Game G8:  GF Red River 51, WF High 44

6:30 p.m.: Boys' Champ. Semi #1-Game B7: GF Red River 82, Fargo Davies 80

8:30 p.m.: Boys' Champ. Semi #2-Game B8: Fargo North 51, Bis. Century 48

Consolation Semifinal Games-Boys' & Girls' Tourney-Fargodome 

12:00 noon: Boys' Cons. Semi #1-Game B5: Minot High 69, Jamestown 66 

2:00 p.m.: Boys' Cons. Semi #2-Game B6: Bis. Legacy 65, Shanley 50 

4:00 p.m.: Girls' Cons. Semi #1-Game G5: Bis. Legacy 72, Fargo Davies 53

6:00 p.m.: Girls' Cons. Semi #2-Game G6: Minot High 64, Bismarck High 52

Saturday, March 11, 2023--Final Round Games

Placing Games-Girls' & Boys' Tourney-Scheels Center at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex (SHAC)

9:30 a.m.: Girls' Fifth Place Game-Game G9: Minot High 77, Bis. Legacy 76

11:30 a.m.: Boys' Fifth Place Game-Game B9: Minot High 64, Bis. Legacy 36

1:30 p.m.: Girls' Third Place Game-Game G10: WF Sheyenne 66, WF High 62

3:30 p.m.: Boys' Third Place Game-Game B10: Fargo Davies 72, Bis. Century 68

6:00 p.m.: Girls' Championship Game-Game G11: GF Red River 61, Bis. Century 48

8:00 p.m.: Boys' Championship Game-Game B11: Fargo North 92, GF Red River 83