The following rules which have been introduced to the NCL for the 2018-19 season will also be enforced in the 2018-19 NCWPL season

1. Current Rule:– “A free throw shall be taken at the place where the foul occurred” New Rule: “A free throw shall be taken from the location of the ball, except a) if the foul is committed by a defending player within the defender’s 2 metre area, the free throw shall be taken on the 2-metre line opposite to where the foul was committed and b) where otherwise provided for in the Rules.
2. Current Rule:– “The corner throws shall be taken by a player of the attacking team from the 2 m mark on the side, nearest to which the ball crossed the goal line. The throw need not be taken by the nearest player but shall be taken without undue delay” New Rule: “A player taking a corner throw may a) shoot directly, b) swim and shoot without passing or may c) pass to another player”
3. Current Rule – “A goal may be scored from anywhere within the field play; except that the goal keeper shall not be permitted to go or touch the ball beyond the half distance line” New Rule: “The goal keeper shall be allowed to move beyond and touch the ball past the half distance line*.” *please note that the goalie loses his privileges as a goalie once he passes the 5m line.
4. Current Rule – “MLWP and 14U teams can take two timeouts per game, 16U and 19U teams can take one timeout per quarter” New Rule – “All NCL categories will allow teams to take two timeouts per game”
5. Current Rule – “There is no current rule for this proposal” New Rule – When a foul occurs outside 5 meters, and a direct shot is permitted, the referee will raise one arm directly above their head. This sign will only be shown in unclear situations around the 5m line.
6. Current Rule – “Athletes who are not on the bench at the opening whistle of the game are not eligible to play in the game”. New Rule – “Any athlete who is not on the team bench for the start of the game, but who is on their team bench before the start of the 3rd quarter is eligible to compete in the game, provided they are otherwise eligible to compete. Athletes who arrive after the start of the game, but before the start of the 3rd quarter, must check in with the WPC delegate and ensure their name is added to the game sheet before being allowed to sit on the team bench or enter the water. Coaches will make the WPC delegate aware of any potential late arrivers before the start of a game.

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