NCWPL 2018-19

Congrats to the 2018-19 NCWPL champs, the Titans U16 boys.

Job well done by all of our players, coaches, referees and volunteers for another great season!

NCWPL New Stars:

Darius Trofinenco

Ahmed Abdelrehim

Kayhan Krebs

Kian Hariri

Liam Scoles

Timothy Demoulin

NCWPL All Stars:

MVC: Alexis Codina

MVP: Tomas Andrijasevic

MVG: Liam Sterne

Daniel Gonzalez

Jackson Taylor

Andrej Gavric

Aleks Georgalis

Deniz Jasarbasic

Thanks to Mike Wheatley for pictures of the Gold medal game!

A HUGE thanks to Shirley Ivan for all the pictures featured on this website!