NCFA Fall Festival

December 4th - 6th, 2020

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Register your students and judges for the tournament here.

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Useful information for competitors and judges

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Come hang out and chat.

Parli Topic Announce Stream

Note: Coaches have access to the 8x8 room for topic. Students can watch it from here. This is a new thing we are trying. It would be good to also have communication with your coach.

Join us in this room to receive your extemp topics and begin preparing your speech. You should do your best to stay in the room as you prep but feel free to mute your mic and the room as you prep.

If you are having a problem contact us here for some technical support

We are going to attempt to live stream some debate and speech events during the elimination rounds (with approval of the competitors). This page will give you access to what we have. Please note this is experimental and may not work.

Join us Sunday Night for the Awards Ceremony TIME TBA!