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Our center hopes to witness an effective implementation of training programs for Teaching Assistants (TAs), EMI teacher training, and writing consultation services. We aspire to blend positivity and professionalism, highlighted by the orange dialogue box above the design of 'i', symbolizing our commitment to engaging conversations. The 'i' also represents our center as an information resource, embodying vibrant and professional communication through a group of skilled consultants.

We are the EMI Resource Center!

Book on Display

[Atomic Habits] Tiny things make big changes. 

Read the English version!!

It's on display in our center.

The Latest News 

📢 New Program 【Fundamentals of EMI Pedagogy and Teaching Techniques】

📍 Date: August 5 to September 30, 2024, every Monday (8 weeks in total)

📍 Location: The event will be held online and a Webex link will be sent to you before the event.

📍 Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (Taiwan Time)

📍 Organization: NCCU EMI Resource Center, AIT

Come and be a part of the captivating 2024 Fundamentals of EMI Pedagogy and Teaching Techniques organized by the EMI Resource Center at National Chengchi University!  🤓🙌🏻

謝謝《政大人》的報導 🎉!

我們將持續舉辦更多EMI相關活動,並分享豐富的學習資訊🤓 📖



⬅️點擊連結,跟我們一起回顧112學年度下半學期的活動集錦! 🎉🎉🎉

Activities Review 


這些精彩內容也在我們的臉書上更新囉! 歡迎持續追蹤🔥

Mini Saga Collections

⬅️ Let's check out our latest Mini Saga writing publication! We have collected all the winners' Mini Saga writings and hope you can enjoy the wonderful journey of exploring the great story! 

The Mini Saga Writing Competition Physical Books have come out! 

We are glad to announce that the Mini Saga physical books have arrived at our center. The award winners are welcome to come and collect them!

Details: The Mini Saga Writing Competition Physical Books 

⬅️ Check our our video!

You can join us in many ways.


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