National Conference on Atomic, Molecular and Nano Sciences


organized by

Department of Physics, Aliah University, IIA/27, Newtown, Kolkata 700160


The Department of Physics, Aliah University is going to organize 1st National level Conference on the recent developments in the broad subject area of Atomic, Molecular and Nano Sciences. The conference will address the following topics (although the list is not exhaustive):

Atomic and Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy

Exotic Systems

Quantum Collisions

Confined Quantum Systems

Laser-Matter Interactions

Laser Spectroscopy

Quantum and Non-linear Optics

Cold Atom and Molecules

Carbon Nanostructures and Applications

Semiconductor Nanostructures and Applications

Amorphous and Organic Semiconductor

Thin Film and Nanomaterials

Characterization Techniques

First Announcement