Our Story

North Bay Donate began as a collection of community members and volunteers just trying to help their neighbors following the North Bay Firestorm in October 2017. Shortly after the fires began, amid the chaos that follows any natural disaster, Jamie Whitelaw saw a need to connect evacuees with resources and to mobilize the right donations. So, she found some like-minded volunteers and put together what has become North Bay Donate.

North Bay Donate runs as a 100% volunteer-led organization and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN#82-3381402.

Our Mission

North Bay Donate seeks to provide fire victims what they need to live independent and dignified lives by mobilizing its network of community partners, volunteers, donors, and advocates. Together, we are a formidable force helping families get on their feet. North Bay Donate believes in delivering more than a donation – we are nourishing the soul of a family.

What We Do

Following the October 2017 firestorms, North Bay Donate worked directly with specific families and individuals to assemble and deliver custom care packages.

With the recent firestorms, North Bay Donate has decided to modify our approach: to collect and distribute goods to evacuation shelters, donation centers, and individuals. As our neighbors and communities continue to be affected by fire, North Bay Donate will continue to evaluate and adjust our services to best meet needs, whether that be custom care packages, shelter support, or something else altogether.

Who We Are

North Bay Donate is led by an all-volunteer staff, with team members from around the Bay Area. They spend much of their time and effort on running North Bay Donate, in addition to caring for their families and working their regular jobs.

But we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, connect with the community, or help local families without the support of our incredible volunteer network. If you’d like to volunteer your time with North Bay Donate, let us know. We'd love to have you!

Jamie W, Founder, Prez & All-Around Wonder Woman

Within hours of the firestorm outbreak, Jamie began networking, pulling strings, and bringing people together to organize relief efforts. That effort has turned into North Bay Donate.

Thomas V, Tech/Ops Wizard

Thomas provides the technological support and operational know-how that helps keep North Bay Donate going strong.

Kimberly M, Organizer Extraordinaire

Kimberly keeps everyone organized, and provides critical admin support to the North Bay Donate team.

Andrea J, Network Magician

Andrea rallies the troops, creates new friends and partners to keep North Bay Donate growing and going.

Patti C, Fairy Godmother

Patti is the giver of wisdom and knowledge, and holds the keys to making things happen.