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Reddit is an American social networking site which is basically a network of communities which is based on people's interest. In other words, Reddit is a cluster of discussion, about the news from various domains. i.e. technology, sports, politics, society, and any other thing that might come to your mind.

Most of you have come here to know about NBA streams Reddit but sadly, because of some illegal actions of some of its users, Reddit made an awful decision against the users taking down one of the most popular NBA live streams Reddit along with many other subreddit pages like Soccer Streams, Cricket Streams, MMA Streams.

But have you ever thought about why a subreddit network of over 400,000 die-hard basketball members is banned? As we know that a person can share anything on Reddit i.e. images, text, and links. So whenever an NBA match starts most of the users of Reddit NBA streams start using it as a platform for sharing the links of NBA live streams which is illegal, against the official Reddit policy, and ends up damaging the organization which acquired the broadcasting rights.

Why Were Reddit NBA Streams Banned?

The subreddit for NBA streams Reddit was the most valuable resource for basketball Fans around the globe. Where one can watch every single game, the draft of the whole tournament in high definition video quality. And the best part about all of this was that the streams were completely free, no payment, no subscription cost just a simple link to go through with a couple of popups from time to time.

So the short answer for why Reddit banned its most popular subreddit NBA Streams Reddit is because it is Illegal. If you watch other sports too from Reddit you will not be surprised as before this Reddit banned the subreddit for Cricket, soccer, and MMA and afterwards, it banned the subreddits for NFL and MLB streams. The Basic reason behind those bans was the case of copyright infringement and the major leagues will likely take action against anyone who tried to do so.

Here what Reddit official policy says about the ban of NBA’s Reddit streams:

Our policy is to close the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is limited to one user and we close just that user’s account. Other times, the problem pervades a whole subreddit community and we close the subreddit.”

As the NBA streams Reddit has gone so what is the other way to get access to the NBA live stream on Reddit. If you don’t know it already as to where NBA streams Reddit has moved to. Then you just have to google search the subreddit name for NBA live stream and the subreddit called /r/adamsilverfanpage or NBA streams comes up on the search result for Reddit. And the message reads Watch NBA streams online. Visit us for NBA Live Stream Free. The best quality NBA Games and NBA streaming online.

This new subreddit also works the same as the old one but works as per the guidelines of reddit to avoid getting banned. Still if you are not able to find NBA streams on Reddit you can also get the assistance from our customer support executives at your convenience without any hassle.

Is it legal to use NBA Streams Reddit?

NBA Streams Reddit or reddit nba streams is a Subreddit of social media website Reddi, which allows all of its visitors to get daily updates regarding the upcoming NBA matches, NBA stats, And watch live games for free. So using this subreddit is as legal as using any other subreddit spaces in Reddit.

But because showing the live streams of matches is against the copyright policy as live streams are marked as copyright infringement content. Which is the main reason behind the deletion of the NBA Streams Reddit and other live sports streaming subreddit, as they all used to show live streams without any copyrights.


Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms around the globe which has millions of users. Which used to provide users information through various subreddits, NBA Streams Reddit is also a subreddit provided by Reddit where you can get connected with thousands of NBA fans online and get updates regarding the tournament matches along with live streaming of NBA. So what are you waiting for? Go to Reddit and subscribe to the NBA Streams Reddit right now. To get more information about this you can visit Reddit any time you want or you can connect with our support executives via call or email.