Navichord • intuitive chord sequencer and MIDI controller

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🎻 Makes music theory a breeze

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Essential for Songwriting & Performance

by TobyRyan

This is the best Chord sequencer I have used on iOS. It's very intuitive in the sense that you don't need to have a lot of knowledge in music theory to use Navichord.In fact, it'll assist in easily learning how to use the Roman numeral system of chord progressions and creating interesting melodies to go with them. It's fast, it's fun and for advanced users it has MIDI routing to specific channels... It's also Universal! Hope this helps you decide based on some key features I've enjoyed. Party on!


A must have app for any IOS musician...

by Musikman4Christ

I'm so grateful and blessed to have this amazing app. As a mobile musician, this app has made my life so much easier to compose songs on the go. Especially with the latest update which includes Ableton's Link syncing algorithm, AudioBus remote, oh my! This app has definitely become even more of an asset to my music making tools.


Awesome tool!

by Joe Zeno

Just bought and tested Navichord and it does even more than I thought! It replaces my good old Chordion: Multi channel separation, MIDI in and out, MIDI Sync, Ableton Link, scales, multiple input methods, a chordplayer in which you can put your custom chords and a lot more! Another update which respects the users suggestions and adds more comfort, awesome dev! Very nice priced, powerful app. Highly recommended!


Play complex harmonies with one finger

Find the right chords with easy-to-use chord shapes

Understand the relations between chords and scales

Sequence and playback chord progressions

Save chords to pads

Change chords from your MIDI controller

Lock scales to white keys

Light up LEDs on your keyboard

Control iOS apps, hardware synths and desktop software

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Explore harmony on the harmonic grid keyboard

Quickly find related chords to develop a progression

Find chords for melody and melody for chords

Use relative chord naming

Save chords to pads

Sequence chord progressions

Refer to live chord information


Use the chord sequence as a background track

Map chord pads to your hardware

Advance through the progression with your foot controller

Map scales to white keys

Match scale for current chord

Light up scale notes for supported LED keyboards

Send chord voices into different MIDI channels