Naveen Gondhi / Welcome to my homepage

Assistant Professor of Finance

INSEAD Europe Campus

Fontainebleau France

Published and Working papers

  1. When transparency improves, must prices reflect fundamentals better? with Snehal Banerjee and Jesse Davis, Review of Financial Studies, 2018 ,31 (6), 2377-2414.
  2. Funding Constraints and Informational Efficiency (with Sergei Glebkin & John Kuong), R & R Review of Financial Studies
  3. Feedback effect and investor information acquisition: implications for agency problems (with Jesse Davis) Submitted
    • Best paper award at ISB Summer Research conference
  4. Rational Inattention, Misallocation and Asset prices Submitted
    • Cubist Systematic Strategies award at WFA
  5. Choosing to Disagree in Financial Markets with Snehal Banerjee and Jesse Davis