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DO YOU regularly feel abdominally bloated?

DO YOU suffer abdominal pain which can be dull or sharp in nature?

DO YOU possibly suffer regular symptoms of any of the following? Excessive wind, indigestion, acid reflux, rectal mucus, constipation or diarrhoea, or do you alternate between both?

DO YOU also feel the need to open your bowel but nothing happens? Conversely,

DO YOU feel you have finished, but the urge to open your bowel returns again, yet nothing happens?

If you have experienced recurrent abdominal pain, or abdominal discomfort with a marked change in bowel habits for at least six months, with symptoms experienced on at least 3 days per month during the previous 3 months, and the abdominal pain or discomfort is associated with two or more of the following: Pain is relieved after opening your bowel; the onset of pain is associated with a change in the frequency of stool and/or the onset is associated with a change in the form or appearance of the stool, then you might be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

If you wish to finally do something positive that will not only impact on your pain and discomfort, but most importantly, improve your quality of life, then call York City Health Clinic today and make an appointment to see the naturopath Mr John D. McGuire. Finally, you can become proactive in the treatment of your disorder and work in partnership with a practitioner who did his Master’s Dissertation (with distinction) at university on irritable bowel syndrome!