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Earth, our basic ground

A long history ,, with us and before

We are creators. At this moment on this earth. maybe, in the nearby future, on other worlds in this Universe. At this moment the plans to go to Mars are official. If we like to make the right decisions, itÅ› necessary to know our past, who we are and our possibilities. There is a lot of incomplete information. This side is a tool, an organization and a organizing network in the realization of a natural harmony in any aspect in life. A plan and a concept and the realization of projects to show how this world can be in the best possible way.

There are some starting points we like to make clear. Please check by your self if any point is 100% the truth in your world. When that's the situation we like to invite you in our growing network.

  • As we told we realize projects. Projects in harmony with Nature. In our opinion Nature is the basic in all our activities and is and will be the most essential first stone in any project we start or thinking of
  • In our opinion there must be place to act in your own way. There is only one rule; acting without disturbing the principals of nature or our network organization
  • Everything we do can only be done in complete harmony with nature. Only short disturbances are aloud with a plan how to make in better in the nearby future
  • Every plan must be healthy to nature and all it's inhabitants including men
  • Transparency is essential even as making usable examples
  • Money is only usable to make ground, locations, buildings or projects starting and make them free
  • Natural goals like; healthy, aesthetic, inspirational, practical in for-filing basic needs and rights, stimulating biodiversity, Fresh food for all, natural innovative
  • Only that can be done with is wished by the involved free people
  • There is and will be only one goal; to make this world a better place - a real paradise
  • To serve this World in the best possible way

We ask for locations. Ground and buildings. Everywhere.

To make them free and usable at the given goals

We are;

A Non Governmental Organization

A Charitable Trust

A Land Trust

A Conservation Land Trust

Community Land Trust

A Corporate Trust - fundamental non profit

A study, research and Education organization

Our goals in these juristic structures are;

  • The realization of Natural Fields and Food Forests
  • The realization of Tiny Houses initiatives to serve the needed
  • Local initiatives in self supporting
  • Innovative concepts in food production and transition processes in the direction of more natural
  • Innovation in building innovative houses, small villages and new sort of living and working experiments
  • Experiments in transition of law and order in service to a better World
  • Research in Human existence and possibilities

  • > Tools, findings and results are only available to serve the movement in general
  • > Everybody involved works for free

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Important examples in a new way of working and lifestyle;

100% Biologically oriented;




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Natural, Personal, Futureproof

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