Photo Credit: Philip LaPorta. Photo of Dr. LaPorta conducting analyses of recovered objects from the Heit el Ghurub Site, Cairo, Egypt.


CINAQ is proud to support our Dutch colleagues at the prehistoric flint mines at Rijckholt. Please visit their website at

Photo Credit: Jay Ciccone. CINAQ Member Jay Ciccone locates previously undocumented chert outcrops, and artifacts, while researching in Serbia.

Photo Credit: Jay Ciccone. CINAQ Member Jay Ciccone locates serpentinite outcrop while researching in Serbia.

CINAQ is working with Dr. Stuart Fidel and the Marshland's Conservancy (click HERE) to research the archaeology of this important property protected within Westchester County, New York. CINAQ has received, and matched, funding from the Marshland's Conservancy towards this important research.

CINAQ is funding research at Stony Brook University to chemically analyze quartz within the shadows of New York City in hopes of provenancing quartz archaeological material back to prehistoric quartz quarries. CINAQ Scientist, Dr. Margaret Brewer LaPorta, is shown teaching a Don Bosco Prep high school student how to make scientific observations of quartz veins in Bronx County, New York.

CINAQ is funding Dr. Philip LaPorta's research with AERA (Ancient Egypt Research Associates) at the Heit el Ghurab Site, Cairo, Egypt.

CINAQ produced, in conjunction with NYAC and Birchwood Archaeological Associates, the 2017 NYS Archaeology Season Poster.

CINAQ provided funding for prehistoric quarry research in Orange County, New York. Seen here is CINAQ scientist, Mr. Scott Minchak, teaching a young elementary school student about how to recognize prehistoric quarries in the field.

CINAQ funded prehistoric quarry research in the southern Negev Desert, Israel. CINAQ scientist, Dr. Philip LaPorta, collaborated with scientists from Tel Aviv University to characterize pre-pottery Neolithic B quarries.