About Nathalie

 Nathalie Labelle

There are many women who have successfully transitioned from one career to another, using their skills and experiences to pursue their passion. One such woman is Nathalie, who spent 20 years in the shoe business before becoming a personal stylist.

She had always loved fashion and helping women feel their best. She had gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the shoe business, learning about different materials and styles, and how to match shoes with different outfits.

After two decades, however, Nathalie felt like she needed a change. She wanted to do something more hands-on, where she could work directly with clients and help them feel confident and beautiful.

Nathalie decided to become a personal stylist, using her experiences to help her clients choose the perfect outfits and personal styles. She also expanded her knowledge to include clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Nathalie's clients quickly discovered her expertise and appreciated her ability to create unique and personalized looks for them. Her approach was always to listen carefully to her client's needs and preferences, and then offer her advice and recommendations based on her experience and expertise.

Through her work as a personal stylist, she was able to combine her passion for fashion and helping others into a rewarding and fulfilling career. She enjoyed seeing the positive impact her work had on her clients, as they walked away feeling confident and beautiful.

Her mission is to see you in the best beautiful way possible by being with you along the way from shopping, matching the greatest outfits, and building the confidence and happiness that you deserve! 

"I would not be happier than seeing all my clients feel fabulous, Chic, and confident! "

Nathalie Labelle