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2024    Dean's Symposium. Talk. New policy in support of families and kids (4-11-24). 

2024     The White House. Economic report of the president (3-21-24). 

2024    The Mortgage Note. Young Americans are settling in their hometowns (2-5-24).

2024    Business Insider.  Billionaire Jamie Dimon says the rich should pay more to fund tax cuts for lower-income Americans (1-29-24). 

2024     MidMichigan Now Bipartisan effort pushes for Increased child tax credit In time for 2024 tax season (1-23-24). 

2024     The Conversation.  Congress is close to expanding the Child Tax Credit again with a smaller boost for families this time.  (1-22-24). 

2023     The Atlantic. America isn't ready for the two household child. (12-8-23).

2023     J-PAL. Rigorously evaluating cash transfer programs in the United States: Considerations, challenges and future research questions. (11-28-23). 

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2023    Open Access Government. The influence of COVID 19 on multi-generational living. (9-1-23).

2023    Futurity News. Early in the pandemic, half a million kids moved in with grandparents. (8-30.23). 

2023     Equitable Growth. The effects of the expanded Child Tax Credit on low-income families in the United States. (8-2-23).

2023 Business Insider. The Earned Income Tax Credit helps low-wage parents keep kids out of poverty. (7-26-23).

2023    Nonprofit Quarterly. How the Child Tax Credit empowered low-Income parents. (7-24-23). 

2023     Brookings Hutchins Roundup. Earned Income Tax Credit, labor demand shocks and more (7-13-23). 

2023     The Atlantic. The catch-22 for working parents. (3-27-23).

2023     LA Times.  You’re not getting child tax credit checks anymore. Here’s why (1-3-23).

2022    Equitable Growth. Early evidence on federal government income supports for U.S. individuals, workers and families during the COVID 19 pandemic. (12-13-23).

2022     NPR Culture. Young folks are moving in with their parents in record numbers. Meet 5 making it work (12-11-22). 

2022     NPR Morning Edition. An independent entrepreneur adjusts to the rules of life with her parents. (12-7-22).  

2022     Michigan Daily. Why the child tax credit should be the Hill's biggest priority. (12-7-22). 

2022     NPR Morning Edition. A 28-year-old accountant on why he chose to move back in with his parents (12-6-22). 

2022     Detroit Free Press. Proposal would permanently increase child tax credit: How much families would get. (12-5-22).

2022     Equitable Growth. What the research says about the economics of the  2021 enhanced Child Tax Credit (11-29-22).

2022     New York Times. The expanded Child Tax Credit is gone. The battle over it remains. (11-25-22). 

2022     NPR Morning Edition. A Houston woman describes the cultural tradition behind her multi-generational home. (11-24-22).

2022     Brookings Hutchins Roundup. Expanded Child Tax Credit helped low-Income families without hurting labor supply. (10-13-22). 

2022     Marketwatch. Enhanced child tax credit cash helped reduce food insecurity for low-income families. But there's one way Republicans and Democrats could agree on reinstating it. (10-12-22). 

2022     Michigan Radio. U of M study finds expanded child tax credit helped families, but many missed out. (10-10-22).

2022     Poverty Solutions Research Brief. The effects of income on the economic well-being of families with low incomes: Evidence from the 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit. (9-30-22). 

2022    New York Times. Grand-mates: Generations sharing a special bond (and sometimes the rent) (9-30-22).

2022    Brookings class notes. The EITC has the strongest impact on maternal labor supply for those with children under 3 years old. (9-22-22). 

2022    Michigan Radio. U-M study reveals significant portion of adult population lacks consistent access to transportation (9-21-22).

2022 NPR Marketplace morning edition. More Americans are putting down roots close to home (8-2-22). 

2022    Vox. When cash giving doesn't work (7-9-22). 

2022     Poverty Solutions Research Brief. The COVID cash transfer studies: Key findings and future directions. (6-15-22).

2022    The Atlantic. How affluence pulls people away from their families (5-11-22). 

2022    The New Yorker. What happened when a single mom started filing income taxed again (4-18-22).

2022    NPR Marketplace.  Almost one in five Americans now live in a multigenerational household (3-25-20). 

2022    Michigan Daily. Faculty, alumni and U-M community members explore 'Revolutionary Ideas' at the fifth annual Stamps Colloquium (3-15-22). 

2022    AP news. Extra cash for low-income mothers may Influence baby brains (1-24-22). 

2021 Lmtonline. Laredo responds to report calling it one of ‘neediest cities’ in country. (12-28-21).

2021 Mousesquadca. 26 California Cities Rank among Nation's Neediest. (12-23-21). 

2021 Yahoo news. 26 California Cities Rank as Neediest In the Nation. (12-23-21). 

2021 2021 Neediest Cities - Wallethub report, ask the experts. (12-20-21).

2021 Poverty Solutions Research Brief. Families with low incomes and the Child Tax Credit: Who is still missing out? (12-15-21).

2021 The Imprint podcast. What we’ve learned about Child Tax Credits and the future of fostering. (11-15-21).

2021 Michigan Radio's Stateside. Parents on the Child Tax Credit: “You have the chance to reduce child poverty...and you’re not taking it? How dare you?” (11/8/21). 

2021 Detroit Free Press. Child tax credit brings extra cash and some sanity to family life. (11-4-21). 

2021 Yahoo! Money. The Child Tax Credit payments are missing some of the most vulnerable families (10-21-21).

2021 CNN. More than $15 billion in child tax credit payments distributed Friday (10-15-21).

2021 Stimulus update: 1 in 10 eligible families did not receive Child Tax Credit payments (10-10-21).

2021     Poverty Solutions Research brief. Receipt and usage of Child Tax Credit Payments among low-income families. (10-6-21).

2021     Memos for an incoming administration. The anti-poverty policy of the American Rescue Plan no one is really talking about. (3/15/21).

2019     Work in Progress blog, American Sociological Association. Could expanding the EITC help fix the housing crisis? (11/7/19). 

2019     Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research. How the earned income tax credit helps families find housing. (8/8/19).

2019     The Conversation. This tax credit wasn’t meant to help with housing but that’s exactly what its doing. (8/5/19).

2019     BYU radio. Mental health concerns for moms working multiple jobs (6/10/19). 

2019     GW Public Health Women's Health Issues. Holding multiple jobs is associated with greater likelihood of depression in mothers with lower incomes, study finds (5/20/19).

2019     Michigan Minds Podcast. The rise of three-generation households. (2/17/19).

2019     Hour Detroit. Three generations, one roof (2/4/19). 

2018     NPR  KJZZ 91.5. More and more families living in three-generation households (11/16/18). 

2018     The Conversation, What's behind the dramatic rise in three-generation households?  (11/7/18) . Picked up by AP News, SF Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many other news organizations. 

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2018 More kids living in multigenerational families (9/26/18).

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2012     Pacific Standard Magazine. Encouraging breastfeeding one parishioner at a time (10/9/12). 

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