I’m Nasir Hussain, a resident of Hopper village in District Nagar of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

An independent local offering services as a guide for adventure treks and tours in the home of the Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Karakoram.

I can be your guide for treks inside Central Karakoram National Park and adventure tours across Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Areas) in Pakistan.

I'm a verified host at https://indyguide.com/ and friends with https://inasiaontour.com/

I would love to host you at Camp Leo. Come explore Northern Pakistan with me.



DIran Peak BC Trek Tour

Experience the confluence of Hunza and Nagar rivers. Trek to Minapin glacier and Diran peak BC. Trek to Hamdar Valley and Miar glacier. Both treks offer stunning views and lush meadows inside Central Karakoram National Park and Hunza valley. Stay at Mamubar Campsite in Sumayar and Camp Leo in Hopper. For those looking to explore. Total Days: 8 - $1000 per person.

Hunza and Nagar Tour

Experience the crown jewel region of Northern Pakistan. Trek to Hamdar valley and experience Miar glacier. Trek to Victoria's Monument and Ultar meadows. Visit Duiker, Baltit Fort, Ganesh village, and Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Haldeikish). Tour includes moderate treks, historical sightseeing, glamping and camping. For those looking to discover. Total Days: 7 - $900 per person.

Rush Lake Trek Tour

Experience an adventurous 5-day trek to Rush lake, altitude 4,694 m (15,400 ft) located within Central Karakoram National Park. Enjoy stunning views of K2, Miar and Golden Peaks from Rush Peak (5098 m). Trek across Barpu glacier and explore Miar glacier. Also included is a stay at Camp Leo, a glamping site in Hopper Valley and sightseeing in Nagar, Ganesh, and Hunza. For the adventure seeker. Total Days: 10 - $1100 per person.


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