An interactive notebook is a tool that teachers can use when presenting information to students. This is not just a slide deck. It's different than a slide deck because it asks students to be active participants in various ways. One way the notebook is interactive is that there are slides that prompt students to take notes. This is a great tool because it immediately organizes students materials for them. They no longer have to rifle through folders to find their notes, they are right here in the interactive notebook. In addition, interactive notebooks are great for visual learners because they can manipulate images to understand concepts. Finally, students no longer have to lug materials back and forth from home, the interactive notebook is always available in the student's Google drive.

Narita Interactive Notebook - Lesson Design w/ GSuite

During my parent teacher conferences this year a parent said to me, "I wish I could teach my child how to write a literary essay, but unlike math there isn't a formula for writing." I reassured him there is a formula for essay writing. Many people argue against teaching the structure of a literary essay, but I disagree wholeheartedly. The structure of a well-written essay helps everyone organize their thoughts. Once the writer has mastered the basic essay structure, they can break the rules and create masterpieces. You can view the interactive notebook below. If you want to use the interactive notebook to help you become a literary essay structural guru, all you have to do is click here to make a copy so that you can manipulate the puzzle pieces.

The Literary Essay Interactive Notebook