• Welcome 2021, Happy New Year!


  • Good bye 2020.

  • Dec. 01~02[Con] Students(Eontaek, SeungHyeon, Youngjin) took the COMSOL Conference 2020 Seoul.

  • Oct. 27[Sem] Seukhyeon attended the SPIE Webminar.

  • Oct. 02~03[Edu] Seukhyeon attended the Euprometa Doctoral school.

  • Sep. 21~25[Edu] Seukhyeon attended the Summer school 2020 : Computational Photonics.

  • Sep. 14~17[Con] Students(all) attended the OSA Frontiers in Optics Laser Sciences APS/DLS

  • Aug. 24~28[Con] Students(all) attended the SPIE Optics + Photonics Digtal Forum.

  • Aug. 21[Prize] Youngsoon Kim was recived an award certificate from alumni association of CAU graduate school.

  • Aug. 17[Pep] Eunso Shin left for a doctoral program at Duke Graduate School after years of lab life. Thank you and good luck!

  • Aug. 14[Pep] SangHyuek. Yu is new to the lab. Welcome!

  • Aug. 12~26[Edu] Students(Eontaek, Seung Hyeon) tooks the COMSOL Basic Education 1 and 2.

  • Aug. 12~19[Edu] Students(Eontaek, Seung Hyeon) tooks the COMSOL RF/Optics Modeling Education.

  • July. 15[Prize] Seukhyeon Hong got a Best student paper prize of SPIE. Congratulations!

  • July. 13[Con] Students(Seukhyeon, youngsoo, junyoung, Seung Hyeon, Eontaek) attend the OSK Summer conference at BEXCO in Busan.

  • June. 26~July. 08[Edu] Students(Eunso, Seung Hyeon, Eontaek) took the basic education on nano device process conducted by the Nanotechnology Research Council.

  • May. 20[Sch] Seukhyeon Hong was selected Scholarship support for doctoral Students.

  • May. 11~15[Con] Students(all) attended the CLEO Laser Science to Photonic Applications.

  • April. 30[Sem] Seukhyeon attended the Plasmonica Metasurface seminar.

  • April. 21[Adm] Eunso Shin admitted Duke University. Congratulations!

  • April. 17~18[Edu] Eontaek. Oh and Seung Hyeon. Hong attended the Lumerical FDTD basics education.

  • April. 06~10[Con] Students(all) attended the SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum 2020.

  • Feb. 5[Pep] Eontaek. Oh is new to the lab. Welcome!

  • Fab.1~6[Con] Youngjin Lee, Eunso Shin attend the SPIE - Photonics west.

  • Jan. 2[Pep] Seung Hyeon. Hong is new to the lab. Welcome!

  • Welcome 2020, Happy New Year!


  • Good bye 2019

  • Dec. 20[Sem] Youngjin Lee, Eunso Shin, Junyoung Kim attend the understanding of Metamaterial, the OSK lecture series.

  • Dec. 17~Dec.19[Sem] Youngjin Lee, Youngsoo Kim, Eunso Shin attend the 4th POSTECH International Nanophotonics Workshop.

  • Dec. 10[Con] Seukhyun Hong, Yonugjin Lee, Eunso Shin attend the ICAMD 2019 Conference.

  • Nov. 04[Not] Web page was redirected from old site to google service.

  • Aug. 31[Not] Renew the web site.

  • Aug. 19 [Sem] Students attend Safe AI seminar(stability Analysis for Financial Engineering).

  • Aug. 14 [Cop] Four Labs in CAU cooperate for new solar cells.

  • July. 29~Aug.01[Con] Junyoung Kim, and Seukhyun Hong attend OMN 2019 by IEEE.

  • July. 14~17[Con] Youngsoo. KIm attend OSK-OSA-OSJ Joint Symposia.