KIST NanoHybrids

Research Group

Research Thrusts

Nanohybrid Laboratory (NL) pursues multidisciplinary research across 1) the synthesis and characterization of functional nanomaterials, 2) the multiscale hybridization of them into engineered nanostructures, and 3) their application toward a variety of energy conversion systems. For detailed information, click here.

구인공고/Open Position!

1. 대학원생 (석사, 석박사통합, 박사과정)/Graduate Students (Master, Ph D.)

- KIST 학연협동과정 (고려대, 연세대, 한양대, 서강대, 경희대..)

- UST( - KIST School Program for international/Korean students

2. 박사후과정/Postdoctoral Researcher

- 에너지 저장 및 유연 열전 관련 연구분야 박사 학위 소지자/Ph.D holders in energy storage or flexible thermoelectric researches

- 고분자/나노소재/복합체의 나노구조 제어 및 응용 관련 박사 학위 소지자/ Nanostructure controls of polymers / nanomaterials / nanocomposites for energy related applications

- International Postdocs are also welcome with KRF funds! (