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Nanohybrid Laboratory (NL) pursues multidisciplinary research across 1) the synthesis and characterization of polymer-based functional nanomaterials for environmental issues, 2) the multiscale hybridization of them into engineered nanostructures, and 3) their application toward a variety of energy conversion/storage systems and recently more focused on 4) stretchable device platform. For detailed information, click here.

Research News

2020.03.31 연합뉴스 외 24개 일간지 게재

구인공고/Open Position!

1. 대학원생 (석사, 석박사통합, 박사과정)/Graduate Students (Master, Ph D.)

- KIST 학연협동과정 (고려대, 연세대, 한양대, 서강대, 경희대..,

- 고려대학교 KU-KIST융합대학원 (, 경희대학교 KHU-KIST융합과학기술학과 (

- UST ( - KIST School Program for international/Korean students

2. 박사후과정/Postdoctoral Researcher

- 에너지 저장 및 유연/신축 플랫폼 관련 연구분야 박사 학위 소지자/Ph.D holders in energy storage or stretchable device platform researches

- 고분자/나노소재/복합체의 나노구조 제어 및 응용 관련 박사 학위 소지자/ Nanostructure controls of polymers / nanomaterials / nanocomposites for energy related applications

- International Postdocs are also welcome with KRF funds! (