Recent Conference Discussions

Discussion of ``Smokestacks and the Swamp'', by Bisetti, Lewellen, Sarkar, and Zhao, University of Washington Summer Conference in Finance, July 2022.

Discussion of "Impact of Money in Politics on Labor and Capital: Evidence from Citizens United v. FEC", by Akey, Babina, Buchak, Tenekedjieva, CICF, July 2022.

Discussion of ``Credit Supply and Entrepreneurship in Low Income Regions,'' by Ebrahimia and Mansouri, Financial Intermediation and Research Society, June 2022.

Discussion of ``Misallocation and Capital Market Integration'', by Bau and Matray, Western Finance Association Meetings, June 2021.

Discussion of ``Media Capture by Banks, by Durante, Fabiani and Peydró'', 1st London Political Finance Workshop, Cass Business School and London School of Economics, June 2020.

Discussion of ``Bank Entrepreneurs'', by Kleiner, Puri, and Yom, 9th Money and Finance Research (MOFIR) Workshop on Banking, June 2020.

Discussion of ``The Long-Term Consequences of the Tech Bubble on Skilled Workers' Earnings'', by Hombert and Matray, London Business School Summer Corporate Finance Conference, July 2019.

Discussion of ``Executives in Politics'', by Babenko, Fedaseyum, Zhang, FIRS Annual Conference, May 2019.

Discussion of ``Prudential Capital Controls and Risk Misallocation: Bank Lending Channel'', by Lorena Keller, Western Finance Association Meetings, June 2018.