Why Join NAMI

We of NAMI Johnston County, NC want to remind everyone that you DO NOT have to be a dues paying member of NAMI to participate in any support group or educational class.

  • However, please remember that when you join NAMI you are actually receiving 3 memberships in 1! You are automatically enrolled as members NAMI, NAMI North Carolina and NAMI Johnston County. As members you will receive the benefits associated with all three organizations.
  • Become a part of NAMI and subscribe to the latest mental health updates, participate in an online discussion group, learn how to advocate in our community and add your voice to the mental health movement. U will also receive ADVOCATE Magazine from NAMI and CLIPPINGS for NAMI North Carolina.
  • Membership helps to defray expenses for our support groups and our educational classes such as Basic, Peer to Peer and Family to Family. Remember, NAMI Johnston County NEVER CHARGES for participation in Support Groups or Educational classes.
  • Membership in NAMI helps fight stigma and gives a person with mental illness the ability to gain self worth and the enhanced ability for recovery.
  • Membership in NAMI helps maintain the NAMI North Carolina Crisis Call Line
  • Membership in NAMI helps train law enforcement and correctional officers through our C.I.T. training.
  • Membership gives us a louder voice at the State General Assembly and on Capitol Hill in DC.
  • Membership gives you full access to the NAMI website and its advanced educational information
  • Membership gives you discounts to the NAMI North Carolina State Conference and the NAMI National Convention.
  • Membership shows to everyone that you care about people who live with mental illness and their families!

Membership Option

Open Door: $5.00 per year. Open Door membership option for those that have limited financial resources.

Individual: $40.00 per year. Regular Membership.

Household: $60.00 per year. The NAMI household membership provides benefits at all three levels of our organization to everyone in a single household for one low dues rate. Each household will receive one copy of mailings, while each individual in the household will have access to online benefits, email communications and discounts.

Additional Member Benefit!

Besides all the NAMI magazines and newsletters you will receive from both National and the North Carolina State office, you can create your own online NAMI account on the National website You can subscribe to content of interest to you, such as NAMINow!

You can connect with others in our discussion groups as well as manage your profile, preferences and subscriptions. Please note that as a new benefit we have added a series of free informative webinars for NAMI members this year. You wil also have access to the NAMI Johnston County Facebook Group.

Thanks to the support of all the members of our community, NAMI Johnston County will be continue to provide support, education, advocacy and public awareness so that those affected by mental illness can build better lives.

Membership plays such an important role in these efforts.