Roasted Real Wild Fish Snacks:

Everybody can do it... We make it delicious

The freshest raw material and finest ingredients are our simple recipe of delicious fish snack and seafood


Salmon Skin

Salted Egg

125 g


Sichuan Pepper (MALA)


125 g

Roasted Yellow Stripe Trevally

Rich of calcium, protein and Omega 3, Vitamins and Minerals

No Cooking Oil using in processing

Spicy taste of Chilli, with Sesame seeds or original

Roasted Yellow Stripe Trevally Original / Chilli / with Sesame Seeds

Dried Squid Original / Chilli flavours / Seasoning Squid

Crispy Anchovy

Original / with Herbs / Mala

Dried Seasoning Squid

Dried Squid Chilli Flavour

Crispy Anchovy Original Flavour

Roasted Eel Original / Chilli flavour

Big Family & Gift Pack


Yellow Stripe Trevally

240 g

12 packs x 20 g

Original Flavour

Chilli Flavour

With Sesame Seeds

Wasabi Flavours

GMP and HACCP Certification


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