Nail Art Supplies

Nail Art Supplies: Planet Nails Have You Covered

Finding a reputable provider of nail art supplies that’s both local and affordable is becoming increasingly difficult. With international manufacturing agencies attempting to dominate the market, it’s becoming more and more of a challenge to find an Australian supplier that can A) provide the goods and B) keep to your budget – that was until Planet Nails entered the market just a few years ago.

With an astounding variety of nail-related goods and products, the brand have rapidly become a name that’s synonymous with quality, affordability and performance.

As far as your nail art supplies are concerned, Planet Nails don’t just specialise in a rough selection of products; they cover almost every single imaginable option out there. From hand tools including brushes, buffers and cuticle pushers, right through to polishes, varnishes and a host of accessories – the brand are considered one of Australia’s most popular for a reason.

Buying Nail Art Supplies

By visiting PlanetNails today, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the introduction to their exciting product list, all of which can be navigated through using the category bar on the right. Not only do they make it easy for their customers to find exactly what they might be looking for; they also offer an astounding variety of discounts to give a little something back to those that choose to shop with them.

Specialising in all types of nail care accessories, you’ll likely be pleased to learn that the brand also take care of the delivery to anywhere within Australia whenever you make a purchase of just $50 or more. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also operate a live, 24 hour a day chat service to answer questions and to help with orders – providing one of the most well-rounded nail art supply services in the country.

Why Choose Your Nail Art Supplies at PlanetNails

One of the biggest complaints felt by customers is that they are often forced to shop internationally when buying their products because of the prices of local alternatives. As PN manufacture and supply their own range of polishes, accessories and tools – they can combat the need to go abroad by offering an exclusive option to those in need.

Being able to pick and choose from a range of products whilst knowing that they are subjected to strict Australian quality controls can be very reassuring - and that’s one of the reasons why so many beauty salons and solo therapists turn to the company for their needs. And as if that wasn’t enough, the brand can take care of orders of all sizes; so you can buy in bulk for your salon or store, or purchase individually. This allows salons, professionals and personal practitioners alike to enjoy their options – many of which are exclusive to Planet Nails and won’t be found elsewhere.

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