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We Nahid Akhtar & Architects are an organization of licensed professionals and trained individuals who use their scientific knowledge, technical skills, and aesthetic persona to create architectural designs. We focus on how design can solve problems and deliver tremendous results for each of our client's demands. We are a community of designers and engineers helping and building around the country. Every project is important and unique for us. we work in all scales and all sectors, we are specialized in residential, commercial, and hospital projects.

About the Architect

Ar. Nahid Akhtar is a licensed Architect, Graduated from the faculty of planning and Architecture at Jagannath University, Jaipur, Rajasthan.  A passionate architect keen to learn new things and friendly to work with.   Architecture for her is an art that works with science to design places and buildings where people can live, interact, work, and play. 

P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S

Cube House

Mr. Ali's Residence

Roof top Restro

Beige House

Design University


Fashion Institute


Banaras Hospital Redevelopment 

Grey Abode, Pune

Das Residence

Supela Hospital Redevelopment

Row Housing

Fawn home

Calm Abode

Hazrat Bilal Mosque

White house, Pune

Rainbow Cafe, Bhilai

  O U R         S E R V I C E S

M E E T    O U R    T E A M

Senior Interior Designer

PRATIBHA VASWANI has completed her graduation from Aesthetics, Raipur, and Specialization from NIID, Pune. With extensive experience in creating or renovating indoor spaces, She is friendly to work with. Responsible, determined, and focused are the words that come to our mind when we think of Pratibha. A silent but deadly type, no matter what you throw at her, she will come out on top. She is someone whom we admire - gritty, tough as nails, and not easily rattled. Her hard exterior is coupled with a very sweet, soft, and caring side to her personality as well.


Er ROHIT KUMAR RAI is focused, Responsible beyond his years, and accountable for any given project. He is primarily responsible for the building's structural aspects by focusing on load-bearing design and material inspection. A great asset to our team 


PRAKHAR SAHU is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment.  His easy, personable charm and his propensity to always learn and grow have made him an integral part of our team.

Graphic Designer

RAHIL ASHRAFI Combining art and technology, He uses various design elements to create distinctive visuals for clients to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. 

He develops the overall layout and production design. He is silent, but a dedicated worker, and indispensable to us. 


SONU KAPIL, advises, guides, & trains hospitals, to achieve successful implementation of NABH standards. This leads to the achievement of NABH certification or accreditation.  From the day he joined to today, his growth has been amazing, He is the pillar of our NABH-related work for any of our Healthcare Projects across the country. 


UDAY SHUKLA, creates three-dimensional creations, including models, animation, and visual effects. A great problem solver, He is always trying to find solutions instead of problems. We are thrilled by his works and dedication towards the work.s 



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