wadi araba desert tours

Wadi Araba by horse or camel

Experience the traditional way of Bedouin travel on the back of a horse or camel!

Enjoy the beautiful scenery that Wadi Araba has to offer.

This desert tour is a 6 days and 5 nights journey that will take you through the deserts and springs of Wadi Araba with a real Bedouin guide.

Enjoy sleeping under the stars each night or in small tents. A delicious Bedouin breakfast and dinner - prepared in the traditional way - will be provided each day, for example zaerb, a traditional meal cooked under the sand.

Listen to great Bedouin stories from the present and past around the campfire.

This tour also includes one day in Petra where you will spend the day looking at the wonders of the ancient ruins.

Entrance fee to Petra is included in the price.


Day 1: Experience the UNESCO site of Petra.

Day 2: Petra, Wadi Sabra, camp near the famous snake monument of Wadi Sabra.

Day 3: Wadi Sabra through Wadi Abu Cheba.

Day 4: Wadi Abu Cheba to Thor Mdai.

Day 5: Negev Namala up to Elfersh.

Day 6: Elfersh, where we will spend our last night sleeping in the beautiful Little Petra.

Prices will vary by group size.

Unless otherwise requested, our prices include all meals, transport and accommodation(s). We will be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Please contact me to get the exact prices.