Green Schools


Welcome to the Naas CNS Green School 

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Our School Green Code is....

Green and Clean is Our Dream.🌍

By Sabrina, 4th Class

 Our Green Schools Action Plan



Notice Board

This is our Green Schools Notice Board. Here we display a variety of things relating to our committee, such as our action plan, a book from the library, a list of members in each class and graphs/ bar charts on waste we produce. We update it every few weeks and next to it we display the Growing Green competition.

Isabella, 5th Class

Clothes Pod

In March, we sent out a letter that we would be collecting old clothes and sending them off to be recycled. We collected them the next day and we brought them to a spare classroom. Then they were sent off to a company called Clothes Pod and they recycled them.

Max, 5th Class

New Composting Areas!

We are creating our very own composting areas in our school garden for green waste. These have been made from recycled pallets. We will be putting grass cuttings in some of them, and in others we will be creating a "dead hedge" using branches and tree cuttings. This will not only create mulch to help our school flowers grow, but it will also provide a home for insects (especially pollinators) and birds. We can't wait to paint them this month!

Green Schools Library

So this is our Green Schools Library where you can take a variety of books and borrow them for a day. Some popular ones are Greta and the Giants and Naturama.

Max, 5th Class