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Welcome to the official home of the Sanctuary Team!  

Looking forward to seeing you when we all are home again!

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All shift supervisors and MHAs must have FEMA Training - ICS 100 

All MHAs must also have FEMA Training - ICS 200 

If you have proof of current certifications, please submit them below or email them separately to

Don't forget to make sure you pick up lam & sign-in at Volunteer HQ with plenty of time to report to Sanctuary and Debrief with Team you are relieving.

Please feel free to reach out to the Sanctuary Lead Team if you need anything!

Mother Mushroom



This is Mother Mushroom's first year as Lead after working Ass Lead last year, and listener for two years prior.
She is passionate about mental health and is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology.


He / Him


Vivid is back again for a second year as the Sanctuary Ass Lead. Look to him for important Sanctuary updates and general FAQs on our social media platforms.