My  Noahide  Family

HaShem, I pray that every man, woman & child, both Jew & gentile alike, 

will be inspired with the conviction & courage to promote the

Divine Universal Principles that You have given for all mankind - 

The Seven Noahide Commandments.

     Chrissie  Seaton 

Noahide Woman

I am a Noahide Woman.  I live  with three generations of my family on our farm in  Australia. The purpose of this website is to support my YouTube Channel with additional information, resources, reference texts, etc. 

My personal philosophy; “All of life’s experiences serve to groom the mind and temper the soul”.

This website provides helpful links and information relating to the Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noach

the universal principles for all mankind given by G-d.  These principles are often referred to as the 

Seven Noahide Commandments or Laws. View the Biblical sources of these commandments here 

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Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noach

(The Seven Noahide Commandments)

Recommended Torah Learning & Study for Noahides

Genesis 1: 26-30;    2: 15-25;    Chapters 3 & 4 [possibly all verses];    5: 1-32; 

6: 1-22;    7: 1-24    8: 1-22;    9: 1-19.

The Divine Code 5th Edit. Rabbi Moshe Weiner:

 Edited by Rabbi Dr Michael Schulman 

The Divine Code  free Study Guide 

Recommended Books, Videos &  Information

Simply Noahide  by Veronica Port , small easy to read book available from Amazon.

Genesis Series YouTube

Source of the 7 Noahide Commandments

The Thirteen Principles of Faith

Ani Maamin – I Believe

Special Days for Noahides

Festivals & Holiday Participation

Authenticity of the Written Torah,

Ger – Terminology/Facts;

The Divine Code 4th Edition

Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge; Spiritual knowledge & faith for all righteous Gentiles.

Prayer Books

Torah, The Stone Edition, ArtScroll Series

Tanach, The Stone Edition, ArtScroll series

Book of Psalms with extended commentary, Published by Artscroll Mesorah Publication, Ltd  

Book of Psalms, ArtScroll Series, The Schottenstein Edition with interlinear translation, Australia OR Internatioal

The prohibition against making a new religion or adding a commandment; See The Divine Code By Rabbi Moshe Weiner, 4th Edition


Special Days Noahides Can Celebrate:


HANUKKAH for Noahides:

NOAHIDES  &  PASSOVER  see book "To Perfect the World",  The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Call to Teach the Noahide Code to All Mankind

Classes, Meetings & Courses Available 


Ask Noah

Unite To Study

Chabad Teachings for Noahides


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Recomended Websites

Ask Noah

Unite To Study

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, of Judaism and Civilisation

Chabad Centre

Noahide Nations

Noahide Academy of Israel

My beloved grandchildren grounded in the knowledge of our One & only God.

Our children & grandchildren are gifts from God. Raise them to be righteous individuals through God's 7 Divine Principles

Recommended  Rabbis / Teachers


 God & Cat Whiskers

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