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Looking for high quality Judo gi/ Judo Uniform?

My Karate Store has Judo gi made primarily from cotton, have various levels of reinforcement, reinforced stitching and a variety of colors.

SInce Judo gi are a relatively new part of this Japanese martial art with roots in Jujitsu, and even with the Samurai. Considering many techniques have been formulated and refined over centuries, the judo gi itself is a very new part of training.

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Quality cannot take a backseat when it comes to Judo uniforms. Having a high quality Judo gi (aka do-gi) is essential to practicing Judo. Having an absorbent, heavy duty heavyweight Judo gi is a vital part of the Japanese martial art Judo: In Judo, the gi can be used for chokes and locks, and must hold up to being grabbed by opponents for throws.

My Karate Store Judo Gi / Judo Uniform
My Karate Store Judo Gi / Judo Uniform
My Karate Store Judo Gi / Judo Uniform


Okinawan Karate | Japanology Plus - TV - NHK WORLD Alongside karate, the various "ways of the warrior" that Japan has exported to the world include such venerable disciplines as judo, aikido, and kendo. What all of these martial arts have in common is an emphasis on spiritual development. Not only do you learn how to fight, ideally you also become a better person