My Flying Club

A special club formed  to facilitate introductory flights and dual instruction flights for those wishing to Learn to Fly.

My Flying Club was started because flight instructors instructing in San Diego need to be able to provide introductory flight lessons that do not require the prospective student to pay almost $200 to join a club or fill out  a lot of paperwork  in order to experience flight for the first time.  This club  is both for instructors who are doing introductory flights and students that are receiving or wish to receive flight training from one of the club's many flight instructors.  

Any certificated flight instructor who has at least 250 hours total time, and 25 hours in a Cessna 172 may join the club.  50 hours of dual given will be required before providing any instruction except for introductory flight lessons.  There are no checkout requirements, and only the flight instructors need to provide certification documents to join the club, not the students.  Since flights are dual instruction, students will only need to provide credit card info and ID with their application to join the club after they have completed their no-hassle introductory flight lesson.  There is no initiation fee for any students or instructors, no monthly membership fee for any instructor members,.  Each student may do one (and only one) introductory flight without becoming a member, and students who do join the club need only pay $15/month for dues (first & last required with sign up.)

For pilots who are only in San Diego for a short time, there are instructors in My Flying Club who will be happy to fly with you without any initiation fee required.  Just complete the short application with the 2 month option box checked, pay first & last months dues ($30 total), and your membership will automatically terminate when the two months is over (no recurring fees).   For those who come into town on a regular but sporadic basis, your membership can be put on hold.  When ready to leave town, just let me know. When you need it reinstated in order to start flying again just send me an email, so I can restore your scheduling privilege's.

In the military?  Your membership can be put on hold for as long as you like and as often as you need.  Only pay dues for the time you are in San Diego and actively training.  As a former Army pilot, I share your pride in  service and will work with you to make flying hassle free.

For pilots who are already certified, the aircraft are available for time building flights after a basic aircraft checkout.  Since all of the clubs at Montgomery field use the same scheduling system, Schedulemaster, the transition will be simple.  Students training in another club are welcome to use the aircraft as a "backup" as long as the flight is dual instruction and both instructor and student are members of My Flying Club.  I only ask that the aircraft NOT BE SCHEDULED AHEAD OF TIME AS A BACKUP, but only taken when actually needed if available on Schedulemaster.

Introductory flights with non-members are limited to 1.2 hours maximum, the introductory flight must start and terminate at Montgomery Field, and no stops may be made.  No purely sightseeing flights may be made as that requires special authorization from the FAA.  All introductory flights require dual instruction be given.  Guests are permitted to join in the flight, but are required to have headsets, so that they may share in the learning.  A spare headset is provided for such purposes in the club's line-box.

The club's Insurance Policy has a deductible of only $1,000 and a Non-Subrogation endorsement, which means that the Insurance provider will not come after the pilot to recover their portion of any damages to the aircraft, which is typically what they would do for a flight school aircraft.