My Dog Scout

Adopted from Berkeley Humane in March, 2002! YAY!! The beginning of many adventures!!!

My first of many hikes in Redwood Park

And my 1st Birthday celebration!!!

Sleeping off the party

First time at the ocean, with Dad at Half Moon Bay

Learning to fetch!

Nap time

What a fun day at the beach!

Father-son moment

The nose knows everything

Dreaming of treats

Goofy me in Joaquin Miller Park!

My profile pic

Fun first time in the snow

Pt. Isabel mud sure is fun, too!

Just being a dog

I may need a bath...

I clean up well

My soulful look

Proud Grad! Proud Dad!  Sirius Puppy Training diploma!


Mid-air grab

Cooling down in my cool pool

Posing at Ft. Funston beach, San Francisco

Love the water

Body surfing isn't so easy though

Drying in the warm sun

Refreshing drink

A good book before bedtime

Back in the ocean!

Salty lips

Shake it

Retrieving is in my DNA

Speaking of DNA, had mine tested! Lab, yes! Retriever, definitely! Terrier, seriously?

This is my good side

Me and Dad

Ready for a ride!

Pure happiness

Yep, my butt is frozen

Cold nose, warm heart


With my pal Penny

And with my best buds Betty and Ralph

Tahoe dog

Sierra Lakes fun

Bark softly and carry a big stick

Trail dog

And East Bay Regional Park District Companion Patrol Dog

My EBRPD ID--I'm official!

Look what I rescued on the trail

Ball-fetch time

So many to choose from

Quit teasing and throw it!

Perfecting my soulful look

San Francisco Bay scenery

Dog in the Mist

Lovin' my stick


Bringing it home


Escape from Alcatraz

Hey, that's me!

Catching rays at Stinson Beach

Grab and go

Laser focused on the ball!

Dig my groovy shades?

On the Russian River


10th Birthday party!

Excited about the remodel!
Mendocino River fun

Hanging out

Now that's a silly cap

Best Friends Forever

Best buds too

Pucker up

Car ride!

Crissy Beach fun

Big smile

Doesn't get any better

Shake off

14th Birthday Party!!

That cake is all for me? Score!

Sittin' on the Wall of the Bay

I better get a BIG treat for this

My poster at Pet Food Express, Montclair, Oakland!

Big yawn

Ball and treat hiding spot

Enjoying my hillside in my "golden" years

Pals aging together


15 years young!

St. Francis of Assisi Blessing of Animals. I am very blessed!

Sniffing the spring flowers

Favorite Redwood Park bench

Beach day for my 16th birthday

Still love playing in the sand

A wonderful birthday, thank you!

Acupuncture treatment helps

Slow and steady hikes these days

But the puppy inside is always there!

A last swim in Salmon Lake, Graeagle

Forever a water dog

And forever a retriever

Always a Happy Dog

Joaquin Miller Park trail named in my honor, how awesome is that?!

At my trail in Joaquin Miller Park

So very sadly, all life must end, but memories live on.

I feel very lucky to have had so many adventures and so much love

And looking back, I've lived a long, happy life. So many kind people have cared for me. It's time for me to go but we'll meet again, I know. Don't forget the treats!

What a wonderful tribute to Scout—handmade by Roz and Charlene, with logistical support from Grant! Thank you all so much!!

Montclair Village brick